Anders M. R. Sørensen, Head of Sales Activities, Danske Bank Business Banking (formerly Marketing Director at YouSee)

“At YouSee we developed a competitive edge in the market via maximum utilization of customer insights and data validation of key messages into the creative development. This combined with a setup for development and production that pushed budgets to an efficient level that’s unheard of in the category. It was proof of a modern marketing mindset that these achievments was reached together with and in some cases driven by the creative agency.”

Anders Nørgaard, Senior Communications Partner at Maersk Line

”I’ve worked with the two partners across multiple positions and companies. What impressed me most was the creation of a global sales effort, where we integrated response data into the process in a way that wasn’t seen before within Maersk Line. Not only did it mean an output that really stood out from our previous communications, but also a take up in the local markets far above all expectations”

Johan Stenmarck, VP Global Marketing at Laureate International Universities (tidl. Head of Marketing, Northern Europe at Kraft Foods & Global Brand Director at Logitech)

“Working with creative partners who embrace both the digital landscape as well as the business environment of international companies is critical to the joint ability to create results. These abilities are hard to nd – and certainly ones that makes you continue the relationship regardless of the names on the door.”

Neno Stojanovic, Communications Manager at Mazda Motor Danmark

“Transforming traditional marketing programmes into a digital and social media driven effort can be a steep challenge. Working with Simon & Thomas meant not only quite remarkable results but also a process where the confidence of success was built gradually before the launch. That made a big difference when launching Mazda Happy Dogs in Denmark, which is now creating lots of attention in our International system”

Mads Aaggaard, Marketing Director, Stark (former Marketing Director at Dynaudio, Systemfrugt & Tulip)

“Precision and accuracy is key to marketing today. There is no room for mistakes, we have to make sure that our consumers understand us first time. This calls for new approaches and tools in both marketing and agency organizations. To me Message Modelling is a great example of the new approach. Even non-marketeers will like this process, as it makes sense and is easy to follow step by step – and helps you to avoid previous lengthy and wasteful processes.”

0 min. from the city centre
3 min. from Illum’s parking
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Orbit Red is situated right amongst the consumers, the shops and the brands, constantly reminding us of the competition we and our clients are facing. If you come by car and you’re an optimist you could find a parking spot right around the corner. If you are a realist, you will always find a spot in one of the parking houses nearby. If you come and go by taxi, Højbro Plads is the place to be.

Orbit Red ApS
Niels Hemmingsens Gade 1, 1. sal
DK-1153 Copenhagen
Tel. +45 20 15 68 08
CVR nr: 36 49 97 45

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Orbit Red ApS
Niels Hemmingsens Gade 1, 1. sal
DK-1153 Copenhagen
Tel. +45 20 15 68 08
CVR nr: 36 49 97 45

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Web agency copenhagen
Advertising agency copenhagen
Advertising agency copenhagen
Advertising agency in copenhagen
Medie agency copenhagen
Advertising agencies copenhagen
Advertising agencies in copenhagen



Advertising agency video
Online video agency
Web TV advertising agency
Advertising agency online marketing
Advertising agency dm
Advertising agency email marketing
Lead generating agency
E-commerce web agency
Advertising agency storytelling
Creative advertising agency
Advertising agency concept development
Advertising agency campaigns
Advertising agency strategy
Advertising agency branding
Banner web agency
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Buzz Words

Actional analytics Advertainment
Big data
Contextual marketing
Disruptor / disruption
Growth hacking
Influencer marketing
Omni channel
Real-time engagement
Repurposing content
UGC (user generated content)
Viral marketing



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Cannes Lions
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Copenhagen photos by Julie Krebs von Halling