What is Orbit Red?

Orbit Red are the consumer communication specialists. We are the only combined full-service advertising agency and analysis bureau in the Nordic region. We are also one of the only communication companies in the world that have the processes ensuring consumer data is effectively leveraged.

Where does the name Orbit Red come from?

Orbit is our ambition. Red is the country colour.

Is it a goodbye to ’the agency’?

Yes, we opted to change The Orbit Agency’s name to Orbit Red as we felt it better represented the company’s broader capabilities. Although we have a less colourful logo we are still the same key people.

Is Orbit Red an advertising agency or a digital agency?

Both, as almost all of the projects we undertake result in digital communication of some sort. We work effectively across medias; SoMe, websites, apps, e-shops, newsletters, banner ads and all traditional medias are part of our daily delivery. If you’d like to see our capabilities we’d be happy to provide you with a relevant case study.

If you are looking for a bespoke digital platform or digital product that requires deeper development processes we recommend you contact Thomas Thorstholm at INNX – the digital innovation company.

What services does Orbit Red offer?

We create consumer-centric communication for products, brands & services
We deliver a unique form of actionable consumer data – Message Modelling™ – for marketing departments, advertising agencies and media bureaus.
We develop primary strategies for product positioning and consumer acceptance.
Create go-to-market strategies for pre-developed & mature projects

How does Orbit Red differ from any other agency?

Orbit Red approaches communication tasks with a completely different mindset, different tools, different data set and a unique process that fuses creativity and data.

How do we differ from a regular analysis bureau?

We believe the weakest point of analysis is in the human interpretation of data.
At Orbit Red we produce and gather data that predicts consumer response.
For us consumer observation is nice to have. Consumer action is a must have.

Are you creatively ranked agency?

Yes, our creative department is one of the most consistently awarded departments in the Nordic region.

Why would you choose Orbit Red?

You would choose Orbit Red if you wanted consumer validated communication.
Or if you wanted to know the potential of a campaign before you invested in it.

What is it like working with Orbit Red?

Fun hopefully. We have meetings and make presentations just like a traditional agency, but from that point on we’re very different. You will only work with seasoned professionals and we place a very high price on transparency and performance.

What is the advantage of Message Modelling?

The data allows Marketeers to evaluate the relative strength or weakness of consumer messages. In macro terms it makes your advertising spend go further. In micro terms it can make a like-for-like banner campaign perform 37% better.

Is Message Modelling Expensive?

No. The cost compared to other types of data is very reasonable.
Of course, the cost of message modelling varies depending on market size. There are some saving ratios depending on market size – World, European or a single country data packages. Please contact us if you’d like to get a more accurate cost estimate.

Do I have to use Message Modelling to work with Orbit Red?

No. In some cases we would not recommend Message Modelling. For instance, if you already know what you want to do or the communication idea has already been consumer validated, there would be no need for more data. Also, for small jobs or specific on-going tasks Message Modelling would not be necessary.

Do I have to use Orbit Red to get Message Modelling?

No. A significant part of our business is white-labelling Message Modelling for marketing departments, advertising agencies, in-house agencies and media bureaus.

Buzzword Bingo?

Buzzwords come and go but validated results speak for themselves. We founded Orbit Red to bring data and creativity together, that’s disruption! Opps another buzzword.

Is your CVR number still the same?

Yes. CVR No. 36 49 97 45

Where can I find you?

Right in the heart of Copenhagen at Niels Hemmingsensgade 1,1. floor, 1153 Copenhagen K
More about parking etc. at the bottom of your webpage.

0 min. from the city centre
3 min. from Illum’s parking
5 min. from Jeudan’s parking
6 min. from Magasin’s parking


Orbit Red is situated right amongst the consumers, the shops and the brands, constantly reminding us of the competition we and our clients are facing. If you come by car and you’re an optimist you could find a parking spot right around the corner. If you are a realist, you will always find a spot in one of the parking houses nearby. If you come and go by taxi, Højbro Plads is the place to be.

Orbit Red ApS
Niels Hemmingsens Gade 1, 1. sal
DK-1153 Copenhagen
Tel. +45 20 15 68 08
CVR nr: 36 49 97 45

Find us here

Orbit Red ApS
Niels Hemmingsens Gade 1, 1. sal
DK-1153 Copenhagen
Tel. +45 20 15 68 08
CVR nr: 36 49 97 45

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Actional analytics Advertainment
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International & Effectiveness Awards

Cannes Lions
Epica award
New York Festivals International Advertising Awards
LIA Awards
Creative Circle Awards

Copenhagen photos by Julie Krebs von Halling